Gingival Restorations
What is IV sedation?
IV sedation, otherwise known as Intravenous Conscious Sedation, is when an anti-anxiety drug is used to help patients relax if they are nervous about their dental treatment or are getting a procedure done which may cause discomfort or distress. A sedative is injected into a vein to allow patients to relax and this option is the perfect solution for nervous patients!
What is so good about IV sedation?
This process is different to general anaesthetic since the sedative medicine helps the patient feel deeply relaxed while remaining conscious, therefore you will still be able to understand and respond to the Dentist. However, you will be unaware of the dental procedure being carried out, so this is the ideal addition to dental treatment for those who wish to avoid the noise and vibration of the dental equipment.
IV sedation is extremely safe and is conducted only by our dentists specially trained in IV sedation.
What does IV sedation achive?
IV sedation has four main effects:
It reduces any anxiety, helping you feel relaxed
It makes you feel sleepy
It makes you unaware of the procedure.
It will result in partial – or total loss of memory of the procedure

The alternative to IV sedation is Local Anaesthetic which is very commonly used, however all options can be discussed with our dentists to provide the greatest pain relief and comfort during your treatment!

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